Commercial Excellence

INSVIRON drives your commercial excellence by propelling your organic growth, improving your cost efficiency, and elevating your agility and changeability.

Organic Growth

Digital era is upending supply-demand dynamics. Shifting macro economics are fostering instability and uncertainty across mature and emerging markets. New and unexpected entrants are emerging, usually outside of traditional industry boundaries. Customer divorce rate even in well-established B2B relations is rising. Conventional growth is becoming harder and harder.

However, organic growth – which is expanding footprint and increasing sales utilizing company’s own resources on optimizing price, volume and mix – can be more efficient and long-lasting if it turns into a systematic habit across the entire organization rather than unrealistic top-down targets set only for the sales function.

INSVIRON helps you growing your core business and cutting new ground by adopting and executing best practices in the following three interrelated areas:

  • Business Strategy: Market Entry/Expansion Strategy Development, Business Model Innovation, NextGen Sales Model Design, Growth Trajectory Analysis and Realistic Goal Setting, Market Development
  • Strategic & Digital Marketing: Marketing Management, Product Innovation and Launch Planning, Value-Based Marketing (VBM), Prospect Conversion and Lead Nurturing, Account Based Marketing (ABM), Customer Relevance and Centricity Realization, Loyalty Program Design, Digital Marketing Process Architecture and Technologies
  • Pricing, Sales & Service: Pricing-Strategy, -Analytics and – Execution, Multi-Variables Customer Segmentation, Funnel Management, Sales Channels, Distribution Network and Territory Optimization, Sales Training and Field Force Effectiveness, Sales Incentive Plan Optimization, Key Account Management, Tender and Contract Management, Service Strategy and Execution, Supply Effectiveness, CRM and eCommerce Process Architecture and Technologies, Sales Performance Management and Digital Reporting

Cost Efficiency

In a competitive environment where continuous price pressure erodes profitability and high inflation not only makes downstream businesses and consumers more prices sensitive but also lowers their actual purchasing power, cost efficiency has become an existential ingredient in achieving sustainable business performance.

As opposed to simple cost reduction, cost efficiency is to optimize and retain cost competitiveness of an organization taking into account its strategic objectives and accessible resources and, in comparison with its direct and indirect competitors. An inept cost reduction can push a business into a downward spiral endangering its very existence in mid to long term.

INSVIRON takes a holistic approach based on lean-management principles to systematically analyze, set the course and realize the level of cost-efficiency keeping your business optimally swift, robust and competitive without harming its growth by conducting:

  • Competitive Cost Ratios Analysis & Target Setting: A detailed, comparative P&L analysis and cost ratios planning given the market players and industry trends so as the company’s specifics
  • Operating Model Optimization & Profitability-Based Business Steering: Tuning the operations for improved profitability and cashflow, establishing a new systematics measuring and driving relative profitability (Connecting field force and profitability)
  • Technology-Enabled Process Optimization & Productivity Upskilling: Analyzing and reengineering end-to-end business processes, enhancing their efficiency and output quality by adopting digital applications and automation and upskilling staff for higher productivity

Agility & Changeability

The business world is facing ever more unpredictable uncertainties. These are resulted from endless disruptions on technological, sociocultural, geopolitical, environmental and logistical fronts. (An ever-increasing trend to be dealt with for the years to come.) In contrast with traditional management, one cannot plan for these unpredictable uncertainties but can (re-)design the organization and incorporate capabilities which make the business versatile and change-ready.

Changeability of a business – or in other words the ability of a business to quickly adapt to unforeseen disruptions and continue to drive performance and customer experience – requires cohesive (all-embracing) revamp of its strategy, culture, organization (organizational structure), people, processes and technologies. Increasing the changeability degree of a business is an evolutionary journey.

INSVIRON starts this journey with an as-is analysis and strategic foresight, accompanies you envisioning the to-be path and defining a corresponding action plan, and leads changing your business in identified areas until a desirable stage is reached.