Healthcare & Life Sciences

Healthcare and life science industries are pulled into an intense transition to become ever more service and outcome oriented. Historical high margins, safeguards being system-relevant, and traditional inside-out perspectives have eroded their agility.

New settings and circumstances of digital age are now disrupting everything. Tech giants and startups constantly cross industry boundaries as powerful entrants. Demands rapidly shift to customizations and digital solutions. Higher price exposures and increasing bargaining power of providers and payers diminish margins. Existing business and operating models, structures and skillsets are quickly becoming outdated. In every of these challenges, however, there is an opportunity.

INSVIRON enables you to turn around the situation and capture the untapped opportunities. We transform your business not only to outperform today’s requirements but also to meet the future ones.


Pharma industry goes through severe sourcing and operating cost increase. Companies are under increasing pressure to concurrently improve productivity and reduce waste while disconnected systems and business processes add to this inefficiency. Notwithstanding, digitalization disrupts every aspect of the pharma business.

Competition on time-to-market is fierce and the ever-complicated regulations and restricted HCPs’ and patients’ engagement do not make it easier. Partnerships are yet immature and the quest for increased transparency and collaboration continues. B2B consumerization and the growing pull mindset challenge existing business and operating models.

INSVIRON helps you building the efficiency and capabilities needed to overcome these challenges. Our expertise in corporate, commercial and digital transformation, and our know-how to overcome resistance, drive change and continuously improve are key to your success.


Traditional MedTech businesses undergo severe price pressures and consequently budgetary constrains while new players often offering niche digital solutions temporarily enjoy relaxed environments. Although on both ends, continuous growth stays a key challenge on top of the executives’ lists. Market disruptions and constantly changing customers’ needs make demand forecasting very intricate.

Absence of effective ecosystems, siloed organizations, product obsessions missing business model innovation, old-fashioned marketing and sales practices, lack of digital leverage in commercial functions, and inapt systems, processes and data architectures are few among many internal challenges of MedTech companies.

INSVIRON facilitates transforming your business on corporate and commercial fronts, accelerating digitalization and adoption across your organization, and rebuilding a collaborative and stimulating culture essential to coin success.

Healthcare Providers

Healthcare providers are facing a wide range of challenges being amplified by rapid regulatory, digital and societal changes.

Patient Care
At frontend, patient centricity and experience are becoming more and more important while inefficiencies at points-of-care, rise of healthcare costs, and shortage of staff and skilled workforce counteract. Ever stricter quality and security requirements are hardly satisfied as the analytical tools, processes and systems are left outdated. Potentials of telemedicine are not fully captured.

Hospital Management
In backend, government funding and reimbursement cuts inflict sharp decline in operational costs. Mergers and acquisitions are utilized to mitigate these, but the anticipated synergies do not quickly pay off. Overdue payments, overutilized facilities and personnel, siloed information, and
underdeveloped digital infrastructures and cybersecurity are detrimental.

Wellness and Nutrition Care
Aside from those with unique offerings, the overall market is extremely fragmented with harsh competitions. Personalization of products and services, formation of complementing partnerships and ecosystems, and integration of digital technologies, big data and analytics drive the differentiation.

INSVIRON supports you in planning and realization of sustainable cost efficiency programs, transforming digital infrastructures from corporate to point-of-care, revamping business and operating models, and integrating tailored management and digital capabilities to resolve the pain points and drive success.