Corporate Development

INSVIRON catalyzes your corporate development on three fronts: shaping your strategy and investments, developing your people and organization, and cultivating your partnerships and ecosystems.

Strategy & Investments

Strategy formulation, planning and execution have been always intricate. This is historically caused by lack of expertise and ownership, deficient alignment and communication so as tight timelines whilst slow adoption. In the digital era, the unconventional market oscillations, hypersonic velocity of developments, and ever blurred industrial boundaries expose organizations to extraordinary uncertainties and disturbances. It is in such an environment however, that developing the right strategy and implementing it right become ever imperative.

Successful strategies are not made in isolated ivory towers and single events. They are rather process- and data-driven, based on adept foresight and contemplated voice of stakeholders so as coherent communications. From growth to divestment, innovation to exit, or digitalization to sustainability – whatever the objective of the strategy – can be only be successfully realized in a well-defined and proficiently managed strategic initiative.

INSVIRON helps you with retuning your vision, purpose and mission, redesigning strategy processes, enhancing skills and toolsets, formulating viable strategies, developing strategic plans, defining strategic initiatives, developing comprehensive business cases, and creating implementation roadmaps and execution plans, so as driving and steering internal venturing.

People & Organizations

People are the most valuable intangible assets of any organization. Their skills, knowledge, experience and behaviors drive value creation across organizational structures. They are key constituents of organizational culture, which is the most important internal factor behind a company’s success or failure. Although digital revolution and societal changes have imposed new conditions on people and organizational structures, business remains a people matter.

In this new era, powerful and stimulating organizational cultures, upskilled and liquid workforce as well as effective and agile organizational structures can cocreate an invincible competitive advantage. The reciprocal nature of the interrelations between these elements necessitates a holistic approach in keeping them nurtured and relevant.

INSVIRON enables you redefining and cultivating your organization’s values, developing cultural improvement initiatives, conducting competence-behavior gap analysis, training on commercial competencies, enhancing behavioral and leadership capabilities, performing employee performance analytics, developing high-performing teams, defining effective incentive plans and performance dashboards, designing zero-based organization, planning and executing restructuring and turnarounds, and implementing entity
integration/divestiture programs.

Partnerships & Ecosystems

Many organizations have already established preferred supplier and distribution relationships which are leveraged to reduce costs and improve productivity. The ever-increasing complexities and multifaceted challenges in innovation and supply entail new business arrangements and interrelations. Strategic partnerships and networked cooperations – or ecosystems – geared toward delivering a specific product, service or solution are becoming more and more inevitable.

Prolific partnerships and successful ecosystems are compassionately balanced based on how much value each member creates. They are collaborative by design and have aligned interests with clear responsibilities and accountabilities. They are also agile and capable to commercially, technologically and organizationally transform. Their maturity varies from sharing- to innovating-, creating- to operating-, and eventually competing together.

INSVIRON supports you in conceptualizing balanced partnerships, joint ventures and ecosystems, developing formation plans and implementation roadmaps, conducting due-diligence and partner/member evaluations, accompanying formation negotiations and agreements, developing partnership/ecosystem strategic plan, redesigning business and operating models, conducting maturity assessments, and improving ecosystem integration and resources utilization.