Energy & Materials

In energy and material industries, not only the ways of doing business undergo a big change but also value perceptions of customers. Conventional company structures based on isolated functions cannot effectively serve the endlessly evolving customer needs and preferences.

Customer-centric organizations are not made by sales and marketing functions but by data-driven, relationship- and outcome-based business and operating models. It requires forming new ecosystems, co-innovating with customers and continuously feeding the organization with customer insights. Inability of a business to identify these and stay relevant is not just a matter of missing opportunities, but eventually its existence.

INSVIRON enables you to systematically identify your challenges and seize therein concealed opportunities. We transform your business not only to outperform today’s requirements but also to meet the future ones.


Despite of different market dynamics between commodity, specialty, agricultural and consumer chemicals, the entire industry encounters increasing feedstock, logistics and distribution costs. Integrating innovation, siloed information, digital technologies and sustainability has become an ongoing endeavor. In many areas, outsiders like synthetic biology startups are reinventing the industry.

Supply-customer relationships undergo fundamental changes. On commodity side, these are evolving to E2E interactions whereas for the rest, these are gaining more B2C characteristics. Product selling turns into value-based offering and outcome, and digital platforms disrupt traditional sales and marketing models. Maintaining organic and inorganic growth and optimizing portfolios through divestitures remain top priorities.

INSVIRON brings with the capabilities you need to tackle these trends and overcome your business challenges.
From defining strategic initiatives to orchestrating growth programs, from Implementing digital transformation to improving organizational agility we accompany you building a long-lasting business success.


Markets for cryogenic materials, materials at very low temperatures usually between -153°C/-243°F and -273°C/-459°F, are exponentially expanding. Some like Liquid Argon, Liquid Helium, and Liquid Nitrogen have vast applications in industry, medicine and packaging. But is the evolution of the energy and mobility markets which has been boosting the demand for Liquified Natural Gas (LNG), Liquid Hydrogen (LH2), and Liquid Oxygen (LOX) as sustainable fuels.

Global demand for LNG and LH2 accelerates faster than development of supply and distribution infrastructures. Standard approaches and focused capabilities of Oil & Gas and Chemical companies as their major producers are not apt for the niche distribution and application requirements. Several spin-offs, joint-ventures, and
venture-capital incorporations seek to cover the white spots.

INSVIRON has unique industry experience and seasoned functional expertise which enable you defining viable strategies, developing a robust corporation, and running a competitive ecosystem designed for success.


With ever tighter emission regulations and increasing need for domestic energy, the demand for solar, wind, tidal, hydro, thermal and biomass energies is on sharp rise. Various businesses along the value chain – from OEMs and constructors to operators and distributors – were required to focus on technology advancements and rapid growth but disregarded internal development of their corporations.

Efficiency gaps are constantly getting larger whilst rising raw material and logistics costs . Organizational agility and resilience deteriorate. Business processes and systems are left suboptimized. Digital and commercial capabilities remain underdeveloped. Customer centricity stagnates and eventually growth will suffer. Further ignoring these factors does not only diminish competitiveness but also can lead to total business failure.

INSVIRON helps you identifying and closing efficiency gaps, improving your business processes, enterprise applications and management toolsets, and increasing organizational agility and digital maturity which set you off for competitive success.