Technology & Communications

Technology and communication industries form the foundation of digital era. They constantly empower our technological advancement and are reciprocally affected by new developments in other industries. Many of today’s most valuable companies worldwide had small beginnings as startups even though only 10% of startups succeed to survive each year.

Regardless of size and maturity, all companies in these industries face a common challenge: hyper velocity of new developments and therewith rapidly changing customer needs, preferences and behaviors. Solution indispensability and enduring customer relevance as main growth drivers necessitate to think different, continuously innovate, and quickly respond. Sole focus on customer solution and growth can result in catastrophic negligence of internal developments. Maintaining a healthy balance between these is key for success.

INSVIRON enables you to overcome these challenges and continuously capture value. We transform your business not only to outperform today’s requirements but also to meet the future ones.

Consumer Tech

Consumer Tech companies provide individuals and households with technology-driven, digitally connected products, services, and solutions. The convergence of traditional electronics with digital technologies like AI, IoT, robotics, blockchains and virtual
capabilities on retail front generates unending growth opportunities.

In an exceedingly competitive market, however, innovation cycles are forced getting shorter. As new solutions emerge, business models get outdated. Rapid consumer preference and attention changes make demand very volatile. Building customer trust, loyalty and long-lasting relevance is ever more difficult. Conventional sales and marketing practices become less effective. Value-to-community and everything-as-a-service become increasingly popular. Customer experience, business continuity and cyber security remain utmost crucial.

INSVIRON helps you to successfully address these challenges by adapting your business model to evolving consumption traits, driving organizational agility, developing viable consumer-care strategies, closing commercial capability gaps, improving operational efficiency and cost-structures, and enhancing customer-centricity and relevance.


Digitalization provides telecommunication companies with numerous opportunities in areas such as broadband, private networks, edge computing, 5G adoption and cybersecurity. In B2B, establishing solution-oriented ecosystems with enterprise customers catalyzes capturing these opportunities. In B2C, digital offerings and proficient pricing generates competitive differentiation.

Aside from effective acquisitions and spin-offs, the levers enabling sustainable profitable growth are well-planned and well-executed vertical integrations toward downstream. From MarTech to MedTech, and EdTech to HealthTech there are plenty of untapped opportunities yet to discover. After long years of focus on technical solutions, it is also the time to revisit own commercial operations where efficiency improvement potentials are endless.

INSVIRON supports you in defining next-generation business and operating models, incorporating tailored commercial excellence capabilities and programs, designing competitive vertical integrations and establishing corresponding ecosystems so as developing and executing strategic initiatives to continuously seize success.

Technology Startups

Year on year, number of newly recognized startups is exponentially increasing. Among these, technology startups – with digital and technology products or services at their core – are emerging even faster. They are all meant to go through formation, validation and growth phases. The question is if they reach the growth phase, how quickly and how robustly.

With fierce competition between diverse solutions aiming for similar outcomes, time-to-market is critical. Possession of a differentiating solution is essential, but it is the growth, efficiency and agility which bring a startup to higher maturities. Building commercial capabilities, organizational resilience and operational robustness early-on sets the course for a sustainable growth. It is then effective solution expansions, successful market entries and enduring customer relevance which paves the path towards becoming unicorn.

INSVIRON enables you by facilitating ideation for indispensable solutions, innovating business and model, improving modus operandi for higher agility and resilience, establishing commercial capabilities, assessing startup effectiveness, developing growth and efficiency initiatives and reshaping your offerings to cut new grounds for success.