Digital Transformation

INSVIRON leads your digital transformation on three fronts: implementing business process innovation, adapting your enterprise digital applications, and enhancing your data, analytics and visualizations.

Business Process Innovation

Business processes are the most critical intangible infrastructures of a company. They enable realization of work, provision of products and services to internal and external customers, and therewith, generation and movement of essential data. Despite of highly-dynamic business environments and hyper-rapid advancement of technologies, many companies ignore redesigning their outdated business processes until they become fully dysfunctional. Even worse, some rush into digitizing their inefficient processes which will only magnify the inefficiencies.

Business process innovation aims to continuously increase efficiency, improve quality and elevate customer satisfaction along end-to-end business processes by cyclically reviewing, reengineering and implementing new strategies, methodologies and technologies. As business processes not only consume but also generate data, business process innovation espouses niche data requirements of digital age.

INSVIRON starts the BPI cycle with identification of problematic or under-performing processes. It continues with accurate as-is modeling and in-depth analyses of the as-is. Having identified the gaps and issues to resolve, considering the internal goals and capabilities, and reflecting on the best practices and latest technologies, the to-be process is reengineered. It is then implemented with proficient change management and monitored on performance so as further improvement potentials.

Enterprise Digital Applications

Enterprise applications such as ERPs and CRMs are to integrate systems and embed end-to-end business processes in a company for more efficient operations. They are used to connect the work and information flows between different entities, functions and departments and by doing so, eliminate silos. Digitalization has not only enlarged the range of these applications but also dramatically enhanced their capabilities to an extent that the selection, configuration, integration, adoption and security of them have become challenging topics for many businesses.

Nowadays, enterprise digital applications can be run on cloud, retrieve and conjoin data from various sources, be used on multiple mobile and desktop devices, incorporate artificial intelligence, and remotely interact with a range of sensors and equipment. Thus, the complexity and challenge will never get less. However, their successful rollout allows for effective collaboration, cohesive work culture, and data-driven business steering and decision making across the entire organization. They can provide business leaders with 360° view of an entity and enable them to quickly identify and respond to concealed opportunities and threats.

INSVIRON helps you with the development of holistic applications landscape, business case development, definition of business requirements, choice of enterprise digital application, process and functionality design, user interface (UI) optimization, user acceptance testing (UT), rollout planning and management, application training, and adoption improvement programs for applications including but not limited to: Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Executive Support System (ESS), Decision Support System (DSS), Business Intelligence System (BIS), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Content Management System (CMS), Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM), Configure Price Quote (CPQ), Supply Chain Management (SCM), Service Management System (SMS), Human Capital Management (HCM), Training Management System (TMS) and Knowledge Management System (KMS).

Data, Analytics & Visualizations

While data generation has been exponentially growing in digital era, many executives struggle exploiting data to create more value. New technologies and applications demand new data structures and governance models whereas the capabilities at many organizations have been left outdated for long. Unremitting and rapid digital evolution has resulted in lack of understanding and skills needed to overcome these challenges.

Utilizing big data and advanced analytics to generate actionable insights from high volume, high velocity, high variety and high veracity information has become ever differentiating. Proficient visualization catalyzes comprehension, simplifies communication and improves useability of these often-complex insights across the organization. Real- and near real-time business intelligence and performance measurement can provide a competitive advantage putting one ahead of the others.

INSVIRON supports you in developing your big data strategy and roadmap, redesigning master data structures and hierarchies, innovating data governance models, defining data lakes, queries, algorithms and KPIs to generate meaningful information, utilizing statistical methods and predictive analytics to create useful intelligence, and designing reporting systematics and dynamic dashboards to provide actionable insights in Tableau or Qlik Sense environment.