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Healthcare & Life Sciences

Healthcare and life science industries are pulled into an intense transition to become ever more service and outcome oriented. Historical high margins, safeguards being system-relevant, and traditional inside-out perspectives have eroded their agility. New settings and circumstances of digital age are now disrupting everything.

Energy & Materials

In energy and material industries, not only the ways of doing business undergo a big change but also the value perceptions of customers. Conventional company structures based on isolated functions cannot anymore effectively serve the endlessly evolving customer needs and preferences. Customer- centricity becomes ever more essential.

Technology & Communications

Technology and communication industries form the foundation of digital era. They constantly empower our technological advancement and are reciprocally affected by new developments in other industries. Many of today’s most valuable companies worldwide had small beginnings as startups even though only 10% succeed to survive.


Corporate Development

INSVIRON catalyzes your corporate development on three fronts: shaping your strategy and investments, developing your people and organization so as cultivating your partnerships and ecosystems.

Commercial Excellence

INSVIRON drives your commercial excellence by propelling your organic growth, improving your cost efficiency and productivity so as elevating your agility and changeability.

Digital Transformation

INSVIRON leads your digital transformation on three fronts: implementing business process innovation, adapting your enterprise digital applications so as enhancing your data, analytics and visualizations.


Advisory & Consulting

INSVIRON incorporates decades of invaluable cross-industry experience. Our advisory and consulting services provide your organization with not only the best capabilities to resolve your challenges but also the differentiating outside-in views to sharpen your competitive edge.

Project Management

Strategy is the lighthouse, operations keeps the lights on, but it is project management sailing strategic initiatives toward the safe harbor. INSVIRON has seasoned experience and unique capabilities in international and cross-functional project- and program management.

Interim Management

INSVIRON provides you with highly experienced and internationally seasoned interim managers with excellent project management skills and capable of implanting inspiration, optimism and know-how needed to rapidly turnaround. We are committed to treat your business as ours.